Remote Support

If the answer to your questions is not available in the FQA or in the Check List sections you can set up a technical support appointment:
1.How can I get on a Live Support session with the GESS® Technologies Tech department?
Gather all the relevant information of the product you will be calling for:

  • GESS® Product Model and Serial number.
  • DVR & PC connected to the same Modem/Router.
  • All necessary credentials for Modem/Router/DVR (Username and passwords).
  • Download and Execute the Team Viewer from our Website. (We have Mac and Windows Version)

2.What is required to begin remote assistance to connect the system to the internet?

  • GESS® Product GESS® Product Model #.
  • GESS® LAN DVR & PC connected to the same router.
  • GESS® Network DVR Network Menu set to DHCP.
  • GESS® Router Username & Password.
2.How long will the tech support session last?

  • P2P Configuration Less than 15 minutes.
  • Forwarding Ports Less than 15 minutes.
  • Other issues, depending on the Warranty and/or if there has been an initial setup done already, the tech support session might have a labor cost per hour that will be notified before starting the support session.


GESS Tecnologies Engineer
Count on professional advice on the installation of security systems
The GESS group of engineers is at your service for the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the security systems.